Leo Sanada

CEO & Co-Founder

Leo, an education enthusiast, founded a career-education non-profit entity in Japan for 6 years on an extracurricular basis. While earning an MBA at the University of Michigan, Leo completed a 3-month internship at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor that laid ConnecPath’s foundation.

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Pradeep Reddy

CTO & Co-founder

Pradeep, a visionary technologist, devoted his professional career for software development.  Pradeep’s 11-year journey as a VR researcher and data scientist inspired him to explore how AI will revolutionize student-career pathways.



Muhammed Chaudhry


Muhammed, an education industry innovator, was the CEO of Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) for the 16 years. He dramatically advanced STEM capabilities of Silicon Valley students by raising $100 million, by partnering with Silicon Valley-based tech giants such as Google, and by crafting innovative STEM workshops.