10.05.2017: ConnecPath App Changes How Students Get Answers About College

One of the biggest decisions a high school student needs to make is what college to choose. That can involve hours of research, college visits and counsellor time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Thanks to the team of professionals at ConnecPath Inc., students now have a better way to get answers about their future.

Designed by Akaash Tumuluri, a skilled UX intern, and Leo Sanada, ConnecPath founder, the app is not only practical but also offers an enjoyable way for users to engage.

More than just general advice, the app delves deep to give students the answers as they try to find the right place to continue their studies.

“I am excited to turn this bold idea into a reality,” Sanada said.

“I've longed for the day that my app is listed at the app stores. Now, what I can do is to keep updating the app to make it just awesome.”

Sanada said the idea for the app came from his observations of the college application process.

“Students have to research hard on Google, stand up in line for 20 minutes to talk with school counselors, or pick up private admission counselors from limited options,” Sanada explained.

With the ConnecPath app, users can interact with the latest in artificial intelligence technology – a chatbot developed to answer the most commonly asked questions by college-bound students.

One of the best parts of using a chatbot is that students can feel free to ask as many questions as they want without fearing their questions will be rebuffed as dumb.

However, the developers didn’t stop there.

ConnecPath’s app also connects users to select forums developed specifically for each school. These are places where they can opt to post their questions for admission counsellors or peers to answer.

Students who are at a loss about what to look for can use the forum to discover answers to questions they may never have thought to ask.

“Some students have a hard time coming up with questions because they can't ask what they don't know. These students can go to the forum to learn from what other students ask,” Sanada said.

It is like having a career counselling in the palm of your hands.

Instead of spending hours on Google or waiting in line just to get a few minutes with a school counsellor, the ConnecPath app helps streamline the decision-making process.

Users who still opt to talk to their school counsellor can spend quality time with the advisor getting vital answers to their important questions.

The hope is that the app will save time for students and make the college decision less stressful.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.