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About ConnecPath

ConnecPath’s education technology increases college and career readiness for secondary students.

Now students can drill down for important decisions with AI-counselor technology.
In September 2017, ConnecPath launched in Silicon Valley to solve this uneasy journey with a strong passion for career education.

Sub-second, student can find college pathways aligned with their passions.
Founded in September 2017, ConnecPath Inc. is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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Chatbot + Forum = super fast Q&A platform

Our "chatbot" powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology can interact with high schoolers like a human. It answers frequently asked questions relating to college application and career exploration within a second.

If chatbot doesn't know the answers, it transfers the questions to our "Forum" which is securely closed to each high school. Counselors can answer via the forum, and the knowledge is shared with other students.

The chatbot learns from Q&As, so counselors don't have to answer in Forum more than once.