We Know the Pain


High school counselor serve 500+ students on average.  Personalized counseling for students can prove difficult at best.

10 minutes

14 million high school students average 10 minutes (a year) of counselor interaction to discuss college applications.

$250 billion

Consequently 80% of US students change majors which account for $250 billion of economic lost.

How It Works

Let's Unleash The Power Of AI


Chatbot + Forum = Solution


Our "chatbot" powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology can interact with high schoolers like a human. It can answer 10,000+ frequently asked questions related to college applications and career exploration within a second.

If our chatbot doesn't know the answers, it transfers the questions to our "Forum" which is exclusively created for each high school.  Counselors can answer forum questions that enable students to share FAQs and train our chatbot on that topic.

The chatbot learns from Q&As, so counselors can focus on unique questions inside the Forum.


How It's Helpful?

time mod.png

save time

Our chatbot will save your counselors time by leveraging chatbot FAQ technology.

collaboration mod.png

orchestrate teamwork

ConnecPath’s chatbot and forum encourage student body collaboration for desired college applicant success.

conversation mod.png

enrich conversation

Our app enable students to help counselors address complex topics and increase personalized counseling via intelligent FAQ chatbot support.


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