An Inspiring Advisor Mr. Muhammed Chaudhry Has Joined Us!

Hello Friends. I am Leo Sanada, the CEO of ConnecPath.

We are very excited to announce that Mr. Muhammed Chaudhry, a rockstar in the education industry, has joined ConnecPath Inc. as an advisor!

As described in his bio below, Mr Chaudhry is the former CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), and he has raised more than $100 million to provide quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs to 10,000 students in SF Bay Area.

Muhammed and I met at an ed-tech world conference, SXSWedu 2017 held in Austin, Texas. Since then, we have continued to share our passion for education, as well as our vision to advance students’ careers in a massive scale while achieving massive growth by harnessing the power of AI. The end result of our series of conversations was that we both agreed to be on the same rocket to achieve these goals: ConnecPath Inc.

Our plan is to bring all of our passion, expertise, and network into this project in order to gain customer traction and funding as quickly as possible!

 Muhammed is like master Yoda for us (although Muhammed is much younger!). BTW, I can't wait for the coming Star Wars! May the Forth be with us!

Muhammed is like master Yoda for us (although Muhammed is much younger!). BTW, I can't wait for the coming Star Wars! May the Forth be with us!


*As of September 11, 2017, Muhammed announced to leave from SVEF. The following bio had been written before he left the organization.

Muhammed Chaudhry is changing the way people think about education—and he’s not done yet. As president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, he is revolutionizing how people respond to the critical need of improving our schools to create the next generation of innovators and business leaders. 

For most of his life, Mr. Chaudhry has immersed himself in educational causes, uniting leaders of the business, technology, and academic communities to advance those causes. As a teen he worked summer jobs tutoring “at risk” teens in math and English, encouraging them to excel in school and go to college.  Little did he realize he would soon transfer those early job skills to his current position to help at-risk kids succeed academically on a mass scale.    


After completing his undergraduate degree in business, Mr. Chaudhry worked in the private sector as a brand marketer with the Clorox Company and Dazzle Multimedia.  Despite private sector career advancements and graduating from the Stanford Executive Leadership Program, Mr. Chaudhry’s passion for philanthropy and for causes that touched children’s lives drew him back to the non-profit sector.

Mr. Chaudhry joined SVEF in 2001, and took the helm of a fledgling foundation with 3 employees housed in a trailer, and a $150,000 budget. He spent the next 15 years placing SVEF on the map by forging fruitful partnerships with world leading firms in Silicon Valley such as Oracle, Cisco, Google, HP, SAP, Target, and Walmart, among others. As a result of Mr. Chaudhry’s efforts, these firms have actively supported SVEF’s key education initiatives to improve student performance in science and math, better prepare students for college, and advance the future of global innovation by educating our workforce on 21st century technological and business challenges. Today, SVEF is a 30-member staff in an expanding facility with a $7 million annual budget.  Since 2008 alone, Mr. Chaudhry has raised over $100 million for numerous education initiatives. 

For example, under Mr. Chaudhry’s leadership, SVEF has developed successful math (algebra) and science support programs, which have improved skills & performance for more than 10,000 students. These programs have since become a national model.  Mr. Chaudhry also led efforts to create SVEF’s Innovation Learning Hub (iHub), designed to align education software developers and classroom teachers to test the best products. Likewise, and in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers,  Mr. Chaudhry helped create the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute—which exposes 60 high-performing middle school students annually to a top-level program in STEM education. Preceding this notable achievement, Mr. Chaudhry led the charge to develop programs in Early Care and Education, Curriculum development, and community engagement.

Under Mr. Chaudhry’s leadership, SVEF has become the go-to education foundation serving Silicon Valley that supports students, teachers, and families. Mr. Chaudhry and the SVEF foundation remain focused on new and innovative ways for students to learn while closing the achievement gap—especially for under-represented and minority students.  

Mr. Chaudhry also serves on a number of for profit and Not for Profits in the capacity of board member, advisory board member or Advisor.  He currently serves on the boards of Californian’s Dedicated to Education Foundation (Co-Chair of Board), American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley, ARAPM. He serves on the Advisory board of the National Science Foundation EHR.  He is an advisor to Trinet.

Mr. Chaudhry’s personal interests include golf, long distance running, and volunteering with various philanthropic causes. He resides in San Jose with his wife, Rabia, and their boy/girl twins.